Cloud Jumper

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Update 1:Mochi Ads isnt working yet, ah well
Update 2:My site isnt up and running yet so more games wont work for a bit
Update 3:Daily 5th not too shabby
Update 4:Front page, love you Tom

This game was aimed to be a retro style simple arcade game that seemed to play like any of the old games from back in the day, I'm not really sure if we quite got that but thats up to you to decide, this time we waited a bit to try to get a sponsor, after sponsor problems we decided just to submit because I really do not care about money at this point, I got a new computer and thats all I need for now.

Taro needs to accept co author but he lives in the UK so he is off right now and just told me to submit to newgrounds without him.

Musical composition by Meebs, who was really great about this so if you like the music he would love to read some reviews about his compositions.

Kubrick voice acted


tough but alright!

cool art style and moderately amusing. nice game modifiers.

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Popping Che- I Mean Clouds...

The game is alright. Gets pretty addicting at first when you're trying to get all the coins. But then it... gets a little boring.
For one I collected about 5 of the S's, and everything was going pretty damn slow, when my S trip goes away all of a sudden the game is going 50mph in a 20mph lane. You probably need to regulate how many power upz are in one level or in a cernant area.
Along with that I often found myself jumping for a cloud, glancing the edge, and then falling to my demise. Maybe not so much an oval base for the clouds, but... an actual cloud shape becuase that really got annoying.
Also the powerups seemed... unnecissary, just something extra there. Its like putting hot sauce on a hot pepper, its just not really necissary. But I supose it does spice things up, and who the hell am I to complain.

A well done, to you, my Flash Game making honkey.


good game, but gets kinda boring after a while

it's alright

It's a decent idea. Characters' stats could use some adjustment.

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Resounding meh.

The game has a nice and simple feel to it. It's too bad that the each character is basically unusable. Perry jumps well, but is so light that its almost impossible to backtrack to another cloud behind you. Joel slides way too much. Tyron or whatever his name is just sucks as he can't jump as high, and for having a "great crouching jump" ends up jumping shorter than Perry. The game needs some twiking, then it might be fun.

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3.68 / 5.00

May 1, 2008
7:33 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other