Cloud Jumper

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Update 1:Mochi Ads isnt working yet, ah well
Update 2:My site isnt up and running yet so more games wont work for a bit
Update 3:Daily 5th not too shabby
Update 4:Front page, love you Tom

This game was aimed to be a retro style simple arcade game that seemed to play like any of the old games from back in the day, I'm not really sure if we quite got that but thats up to you to decide, this time we waited a bit to try to get a sponsor, after sponsor problems we decided just to submit because I really do not care about money at this point, I got a new computer and thats all I need for now.

Taro needs to accept co author but he lives in the UK so he is off right now and just told me to submit to newgrounds without him.

Musical composition by Meebs, who was really great about this so if you like the music he would love to read some reviews about his compositions.

Kubrick voice acted



Lovely music, I'll go review Meebs now. I enjoyed the entire game - Good Job! Be proud of how good it is, and yet so simple!


helluva game. so simple and fun.

joel ftw.
good stuff keep it coming my friend :D


it doesnt matter how much faster joel is, the screen still moves slow. other wise pretty good

Great game but...

needs a little fixing for example

the big things:
1.you need to make it so you move with the camera not the camera moves you
2.try to reduce the slipping+clipping (sliping off the clouds and going through them)

the little things:
1.mabey another caractor?
2.mabey make the back ground change form day to night after so many points
3.also you could balance the power ups (at one point i got flooded with them and it harmed more then it helped =(...)

Could be better

Could have gotten an 8 or 9 from me. It's good, but the character feels quite unresponsive and it's much more difficult to run back to the left. Sometimes if I land on the edge of a cloud, it catches me (that's good). But sometimes, if I land on the edge, I fall right through it. It could be really fun, but those things just make it feel a little off.

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3.68 / 5.00

May 1, 2008
7:33 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other