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This is just for fun. It is a MOCK trailer, and is a JOKE. Please don't get upset over this.
This is Tankmen dubbed over a real movie. It may not seem like much work, but it actually was a fair amount compiling and what-not. So please vote fairly.

I made it a while back when I thought it would be funny to dub Tankmen over a real movie. Next thing I was working my ass off, and finished it fairly quickly.
But I decided to save it as my Pico Day movie.
This was a lot of fun to work on, and I still get a kick out of it every time I see it. I hope you guys do too.

Video clips: Saving Private Ryan
Audio clips: Tankmen .5, Tankmen, Tankmen 2, and Tankmen 5.5 (with permission)
Music: K&K - Devine Crusade by Edgen

Happy Pico Day 2008 everyone!
(Sorry it's late, but I was having upload troubles all yesterday and today)

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i loved saving private ryan esp the city siege part


at first i thought it was alright, then i heard him talk about shooting the enemys dick off to instill fear and i lost it ^.^ that scene went perfectly

job well done

great how you got different movie footage. and ones that actualy went perfectly with the different situations

Noodle responds:

All from Saving Private Ryan.
There are a few at the beginning that don't match too well.
But I have to say majority of the snipers lines were perfect. Haha

I cant breath

laughing so hard when i saw this I gotta say this one is funny

Noodle responds:

Haha, thanks.
If you go into a semi-coma from pure laughter, my job here is done


Hey Steve...
Heh heh.
Good Job!!

Noodle responds:

Thanks, I just couldn't resist having the cock joke in there :)