Trojan VS Mershox

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This is my first Flash Game. My buddy Thrice helped me with the scripting though ;)

It's about a Trojan with a spear who wakes up at night because it's raining Mershox heads.
So he has to defend himself by stabbing those heads with his spear lol.

Have fun and trie to get more than 500 points ! :D
(... haha sry i forgot to reset the points after you push the "again" button xD )


not so good

so he needs to defend himself? why the heads can't hurt him...
when the time is over your score isn't reset so you can get a endless score. also the heads keep falling so if you pres again real fast you can get a head from the last round..
anyway a real simple game nice as your first but its still buggy


pretty good i guess for your first game, here are some suggestions.
1: Make it so that you can travel through worlds, like smash bros. adventure mode
2: Make the guy stand in only one direction, not turning araound
3: Make it so that you can move the spear up and down.
4: Make when you hit the heads, they explode, not dissappear
5: Make power ups, and a certain number of heads that can fall before you lose
6: Make things that if you hit them you lose points
7: Make it if you get hit, you lose points.
8: Make different thing worth different points, for example, slow, large heads are twenty points, and small fast heads are 50 points.
If you need any help with flash games, PM me, I might know what to do.

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Neruzal responds:

yeah i tought about all this, but... you know, i just wanted to make a short funny game ^^ but thanks for the tips anyway

not bad for a first...

but make it longer and practice till you have it looking good and make sure its fun to play. i vote 3/5 on it.

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2.62 / 5.00

May 1, 2008
5:13 PM EDT
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