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Death By Pacman

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Author Comments

While your watching this flash,don't judge it by the first scene as it is really short.Scene 2 and 3 is much longer than 1 so don't close the window after watching scene 1.It's also our 1st try,so please don't be to harsh on the comments.BTW it's done by flash 5,so it doesn't look to good.

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not bad...

not bad,i kinda like da sound effect.try to make da stickman win this time,poor little guy....

TheLiberator323 responds:

well its called DEATH by PACMAN he cant survive but next one we make he might win


could be better...
the scene selection thing is a bit annoying though.
you might want to get rid of that little feature for future porducts.
just saying
pretty funny, though I feel bad for the stickman. poor little bugger

TheLiberator323 responds:

Thanks,I'll make a note of it

O___e lol

I thought the stickman would finally win in the last one XD
The one I liked the most... THE THIRD ONE! ^_^ 10 stars :) nice job.

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Lol.... well... i like it... the voice sounds are from Wolfenstein Enemy Territory... anrent it

TheLiberator323 responds:

erm...not very sure where the voice sounds come from because I took them from flashkit.com and the last scream is from alien shooter


I didn't like this game. The graphics suck and there is almost no gameplay. the only way you can get an higher grade is turn this crap in to a movie.

TheLiberator323 responds:

Well Excuse us for trying,this IS our 1st try you know. And we don't have the latest macromedia flash player.

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Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

May 1, 2008
3:02 AM EDT
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