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Running Tutorial

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I have loooked at some running tuts on Newgrounds and they didnt look right so i made me own
the running is kinda a loop...i will make another tut with walking,running,effects with a even better menu and stuff
i made the running slower
I edited it so its WAYYYYY cooler Now and theres a button on every running frame soo...u dont have to manulay stop it and a change it music and preloader and size!

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Someone had to make a simple one eventually. Everyone below is just jealous that they didn't make one first.

oh wow.

even with all the crappy reviews, i expected something better than this.
Don't give me the five minute excuse... the actual running animation was what, 4... no, 5 frames? I could shit that out in about 30 seconds.

Even if you tell me you had 45 seconds to make this, including menu and all, that's no excuse. Just simply DON'T PUT IT UP THEN.

This tutorial is not going to help anybody, for two reasons:
1) If somebody needs a tutorial for a running sequence this bad, their flash career will die upon seeing this.
2) Anybody who needs a tutorial for a running sequence must already be really garbage, so theres no point.

I don't flame people often. But i do flame people for handing in 5minutes worth of crap. One of the two reasons i ever flame people, no effort, and hate flashes.


Dude this helped so much and this was the only running tutorial that i found and its helping alot


So, first of all, you didn't make a very good animation. Very few frames, stick figure, and it skipped large parts of the motion. Looks like you made it on the cheap, didn't want to put much effort into it.
And then you didn't actually describe or show how to create it. You just broke it apart into individual frames.
Oh yeah, and you don't want to have multiple start/play buttons, it's disconcerting.

keosan24 responds:

thx like i said i had less than 5 mins and i didnt want to wait a day :o

Nice, but

Mostly everyone who makes flashes know already to begin with how to make something run so this flash is useless ill give you 2 for trying

keosan24 responds:

well thx i only had what?5 mins to make it..if u want i could make a better 1 right now