NSG015: Apples & Bananas

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Apple, banana or neither?

Some of the later pictures are slightly tricky.

Happy Pico Day.

Let me know how you get on.


I liked it!

I liked it. good close-ups. The audio was funny too. (-:. I gott 21 or sunthing. I forget excactly. NEXT ONE DO MANGOSTEEN and/or Durian and Rambutans! I love fruit.

Wax apple is also reccomended.

Bezman responds:


I think bananas/apples work better than mangosteen for this quiz, since everyone's already familiar with bananas and apples and think they know what they look like.

Also, Pico's teacher did say she'd be teaching them about 'apples and bananas'.

I might add oranges next year though. Maybe.

I guess I do know my apples and bananas

21/21! Some were pretty hard, just look closely! Interestingly fun game by the way.

Bezman responds:

Cheers & congrats!

Whats a apple?

I cant believe I got 8/21.
I'm sticking to meat.
Very well done, simple, yet well layed out.
You sir (or madam) are good.

Bezman responds:

As my name suggests, I am a man.

You need to be way more observant. And eat more fruit.

love games like this

im a big fan of puzzle games or any game that makes you think keep it up i loved i only got a 17 the first time lol i need to eat healthier lol xP

Bezman responds:


I'm glad you decided to go down that healthier road. :-)

didnt do too bad

18/21.. Not a bad game very different and agree with the other guy some are hard.. good game keep up the work

Bezman responds:

Cheers. :-)

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Apr 30, 2008
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