NSG015: Apples & Bananas

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Apple, banana or neither?

Some of the later pictures are slightly tricky.

Happy Pico Day.

Let me know how you get on.



I really enjoyed this quiz, I thought it was pretty unique and fun! I thought the layout of this quiz was great. and the graphics at the end were good. Really good idea to make those pictures black and white, otherwise this quiz would have been way too easy. The pictures were great. I like how they got harder and harder over time and they were of good quality. It was surprising to see how hard this quiz got by the end. Over all this quiz was really good. By the way I got 18/21.

Bezman responds:

Glad you liked it!

I would have been interested to know what you didn't like about it though - I mean you didn't make a single criticism, but gave it a 7/10.

Thanks for getting into details and giving your score though. I still give your review 7/10. ;-)

Stay funky!

No Pico

Quite good fun gam with having to guess ,what the picture if it was an apple of banana. The main problem i found was the irrating voice saying apple or banana it was a little off putting. The picture were hard to work out as you went along. I enjoyed guessing which was which, but there was little fun to have at the end with the same picture being used when you got it wrong. This had little to with Pico although he was featured at the end.The actual pictures you used were good at first, then they got confusing and maybe more choice as it seem a little limited.

review request club

Bezman responds:

Loads of folk complained about the music.

It didn't have MUCH to do with pico, but it is related enough to merit being given the title/pre-loader/be part of Pico Day. Check Pico's School's opening dialogue.

I actually thought the later pics were better - surely it's more fun if you need to think a little bit?

"and maybe more choice as it seem a little limited."
Not sure what you mean by this.

"there was little fun to have at the end with the same picture being used when you got it wrong."
For a while I thought you were meaning the bit of text that comes down - and you were expecting variations on that. (I took your sentence to mean, 'there was little fun to have when all's said and done...' Then I realised you were hoping for multiple ending pics on the screen where it shows your score.

That's actually a good idea. But how many folk would see the various pics?

Do you really live in England? You should perhaps make your writing a little more clear. Splitting up separate points into separate paragraphs may help.

You seem to have had a fair few things to say, but your review is kinda mangled and hard to understand. If you just concentrated on giving one suggestion/specific criticism, one piece of praise and a summary of your opinion/your score(s), you could maybe spend a little longer and make your text more intelligible.

I don't mean to criticise too much - thanks for the review. I just brought this all up as I think I remembered you asking for tips in the RRC.


I didn't really like this game. some are too hard and it's kind of boring and -1 for the crappy sounds: 6

Bezman responds:

Too hard??

You're obviously just annoyed to realise you haven't been paying attention to bananas and apples all these years. You should be thanking me for a slight education! ;-p


this game is posted for? i dont get the point you can weight it usless or abusive but this game is short the sounds are retrded and the only good thing that it as slightly bits of fuckin humor just teeny tiny bits and the pics are grows it doesnt go anywhere

Bezman responds:

You should really brush up on your spelling grammar. It's really hard to understand you.


Doe'snt make sense

Bezman responds:

You're just unable to see the obvious connections.

You HAVE played Pico's School, right?

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Apr 30, 2008
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