MGS: Pico's Island

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So I've finally fixed the main issues.
Anyways, there is now a visual representation of the enemies light of sight. When you continue, you keep all the keys that you've gathered, the laser room wont kill you in .0000000001 secs, and you can get rid of your alert by simply running into another room. Its much easier, but now someone might be able to beat it.

*Lots of good comments a suggestions, Thanks Very much to everyone who left reviews. The Laser Room will be toned down, and I'm fixing the alert thing so that once your alert timers runs down, the guards retreat. Also look for the updates listed below. They probably won't be a long while, so check back in a month or so. Thanks again for the reviews!

*Hey! Thanks for the frontpage! Thats freakin nuts man.

Mixing MGS with Pico and NG character... AWESOME RIGHT?!

Give it a shot, give me some feedback.

PS -
Thanks to the artists in the Audio Portal for some sick tunes!


Very boring...

In fact, I fell asleep during the opening cutscene. It was okay, though, because when I woke up it was still going. A word to the author: I don't need 90 seconds to read 'It's been 15 years since the Casandra incident.'

That pretty much set the tone for me. Once the game started up, I was greeted by heinous graphics and bad gameplay. The animations of people walking are an odd mix of traditional and terrible, and please... This is 2008; don't have enemies break apart into little blocks. Give me a splash of blood, give me someone falling over, give me something!

Also, if you're going to make enemies able to spot you from outside the screen, let me pan down so I can see what the hell I'm getting myself into.

And when they do spot me off-screen, running into another area shouldn't reset the timer. It should either end it or keep it at the same time.

I apologize if this review seemed overly harsh, but this was really not fun. It was a cool idea, but don't rush it! I know you wanted to get it in for Pico Day, but EVERYTHING needed more work, most specifically the graphics and gameplay mechanics. I look forward to see what you can do when your Flash skills improve, but until v2.0 of this drops, I can't say I'm all that impressed.


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Wow... so glitchy

So, here are a few- The first boss fight alcade or whatever his name is if you attack him he will eventually move off screen if you get to close to him and if you get to attacking him off screen I've found it moves you to a weird offscreen room where you cant do anything

-When you get detected (if you do) the guards that spawn do not go away they just continue to try to get to you, which ends up you getting spotted again no matter what

-You get spotted off screen and such... if you in the path of a guard whatsoever you fucked... as well as they spot you if your beside them ... say in a cubby hole or whatever....

... By the way this game is actually really easy (sept the gitches) you just go around and shoot everyone, when the guards start spawning... just kill them and get the rations and your pretty much good!


When you die if there was an alert it is still there if you respawn.

Not very exciting

The intention was good but there are a few things wrong with it:
1. Guards that spot you off screen or out of normal eye sight is not nice. I even got detected as soon as I entered a room once, which really should not happen in these games.
2. When you're detected an soldiers keep storming in the room, eventually flooding it, so it's usefull to lay low until the timer stops. And even if you mannage it, there are so many that you can't escape anymore.
3. The laser room killed me really quick and made the game crash pretty much.
4. I thought tankmen were a bit out of place here, Pico uberkid characters would have suited a lot better.
5. Animation might have been better, like facial expressions and movements. The Alucard battle for instance should have been a lot better in that way. It felt like the game was made using moving pictures.

A lot of people liked it though. So anyway, well attempted.

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if you get spotted and you go into a cut scene once cut scene ends it comes up wit GAME OVER wrote on the screen ~_~

improve then it will be 10/10 :D

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Apr 30, 2008
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