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Pico's School Massacre

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Hello everyone, this is my first real FBF animation but i think I did a good job.

The sound might be low at some points so turn up the VOL

Music from HIVE, and Tech N9ne

Voices are Travis Kearney, and Kyle Shore


sorry if there is spelling errors i dont speak english that well


good job !

could be a bit shorter though, it tended to drag a bit.

if you make your future episodes a bit more concise, that would be great!

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Very gentlemanly, Tad. I really enjoyed it...NOT!!

YEAH! Mix Charles Manson with Ted Bundy and Eddy Ray Lewis! Let's see what we get! It scared me!

Hell yeah

This is what i am talking aboute.
But i wonder what he trew on the teacher wich cut of her head.

Peoplearecool responds:

it was the cell phone man the cell phone

haha thanks for the response


That, was your first FBF? That was beautiful, i mean, beautiful, ill be waiting for a sequel.

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It was kinda good, i liked also that you throw a more coerent way of pico surviving the massacre, but there was certain flaws:

The drawing of the teacher was so crappy that she (or he) looked like a man, or better, a crossdresser....Also, Cassandra is, to my knowledge, a alien freakish mutant in form of a human girl, also, i dunno if a cell phone is large enough to cut a *ahem* crossdresser head, maybe you should have done it Spining, it would make more sense.

P.S:Oh noes! You killed luigi ):

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3.68 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2008
4:24 PM EDT