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Pico vs Me

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Pico and Jr fight for some reason. Part one.
You wont like the ending.

Awesome F.A.Q's

Why is Dad in the intro screen?
Because I was going to add him until something went wrong with my tablet.

Will you really hate the ending?
Why yes, you sure will.

Why is pico going to school with those creature type things?
He got transfered.

Whens teh sequel?
When I get a new tablet. I will make one too, because I have an epic idea for a sequel.

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the animation is good but I hate it when theirs a to be continued and it never happens

It's 2017 where the part 2

Dude pico is always going to win but for n.g showdown he lost to nene

BUENISIMO pero corto

(my opinion) i think pico would win. i mean he has guns, knives, helpful freinds with weapons a lot of other things. great video though.