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Highscores at http://rankz.armorbot.com /pico_and_pals/
Play more times with any character to get a higher score!

Help save King Fulp from Dad 'n Me and restore the Newgrounds castle from crashing.

The controls are based on the player option. Make sure you read the instructions before you play, it will help a lot. Press P to goto the menu during the game to change quality, pause music and go back to the starting menu.

*Glitches mentioned have been fixed!
*API Reimplemented Update.

Art and Animation by Nathaniel Milburn
Programming by Michael Rosenfeld

***Enjoy and Happy Birthday Tom!***
**Thanks for the Front Page!**


Best game on Newgrounds for sure.

I absolutely loved it, Played it about 5 times. Great work, Awesome game. 5/5 10/10

great game

one of the best pico games

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Nice game engine, great animation, and very funny, but this game suffers from a few fatal flaws:

1) The controls. It is extremely uncomfortable to have both hands sitting in the same spot on the left side of the keyboard during the whole game. A WASD to move, JK to punch and kick scheme would have worked much better.

2) The enemies are not even a little challenging. Just mash F and you'll hardly ever take a hit. The second form of the final boss is the only enemy this didn't hold true for, though even there I was able to pound him with impunity for 10-second stretches. I liked the idea of the Camper Alert, which (theoretically) would force you to keep on the move, except that it just didn't seem to do anything.

Fix those two things, and this game will be a blast to play!

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