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Pico & Pals

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Highscores at http://rankz.armorbot.com /pico_and_pals/
Play more times with any character to get a higher score!

Help save King Fulp from Dad 'n Me and restore the Newgrounds castle from crashing.

The controls are based on the player option. Make sure you read the instructions before you play, it will help a lot. Press P to goto the menu during the game to change quality, pause music and go back to the starting menu.

*Glitches mentioned have been fixed!
*API Reimplemented Update.

Art and Animation by Nathaniel Milburn
Programming by Michael Rosenfeld

***Enjoy and Happy Birthday Tom!***
**Thanks for the Front Page!**


amusing for a bit

but there is zero challenge. i coulda stayed in one spot and beat it

Pretty Good

Boss was fun, yet pretty easy.


all in all, it was crap. The graphics were mediocere, the gameplay engine was a load of shit, and the hitboxes for the enemies were way to far out. The gameplay was very, very rough and overall it felt like there was a lack of time put into it.

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The game sucked, horible. It flashed WARNING CAMPER when i was beatin up enimys.

cmon man

if this is ur first game..... then its pretty good for a beginner.... but if uve made games b4, then i hope they are better than this 1, not to put you down or anything cuz you prolly spent a lot of time on this but maybe instead of rushing to get the "perfect" game take your time and that perfect game will come to you naturally

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