Pico 3D

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Another Pico Day flash?

Basically, it's Pico, Nene and Darnell as adults. Hopefully you can tell who's who. And then they have a boring fight against more adults who aren't really based on anybody. Sound fun?

I made this using the programme 'The Movies' because I thought it would be a unique idea. Hence the extremely rubbish '3D'.

Sorry about the blurriness. It had to be optimized or whatever, so it's a little rough looking. You can still tell what everything is though, I think. If you can't, just look for the three characters with sunglasses. They're the heroes.

Please submit to the Pico Day collection, I used the preloader and everything.


not bad

It's not that I don't like 3D stuff, it's just that you use Sims' movie edition to make it.

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Sidorio responds:

Nope. I didn't.


this is like something id do, effortless and stupid, except newgrounds hates my shit.
looks like you only had one fan so far.. the rest cant see real (lack of) talent.

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Sidorio responds:

Yeah, all my flashes have managed to avoid that 'effort' thing.

Also, your profile says "Age: 21" and your message says that you're 15. Yeah...


how was that about pico? you have decieved me and for that i shall blam you. BLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sidorio responds:

Not really, retard. But I'll let you off for your shitty review and obvious lack of knowledge this time.

Because you're so retarded.


it was random at some parts..... but it was good

Sidorio responds:


3d! cool!

Wow good effort and all but you made a lot of mistakes.
First you should be at least the presentation in flash, using jpeg and adding alpha, well it didnt be so important.
The quality was a bit low, you could increase it, no matter if it gets a high size.
The sounds! not so bad but, could be better.
And finally you must put a stop script at the end.
But was a nice movie! how much time did you spent? (5/5)

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Sidorio responds:

It's called being unique, bitch.

Also, a few effortless hours.

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3.02 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2008
10:46 AM EDT