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IceScape 2

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Author Comments

Icescape 2 is the sequel to Icescape and features more escape the room style puzzles along with a shoot-em-up element that some will like and some will hate ;-) and the temperature timer has gone!!

It took around 4-6 weeks to create from start to finish as I'm a 1 man team things take a little longer ;-)

I did the graphics using Cinema 4D and Photoshop, The music/sfx was made in FL Studio and the game was coded and created in SwishMAX!!

Have fun and if you get stuck gimme a shout!!

Stuck on the 1st puzzles with the knobs??
http://www.psionic3d.co.u k/images /puzzle1.jpg
Turn all the knobs to follow the flow of the green line (dont forget the little one)


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I played escape killer series and decided to play all of your point and click games.You are a master of puzzles and ambient and thats the reason i decided to spend part of my time playing your games.Every game was in range from 3.5 to 5/5 and the low score is because of "action elements" in them.Please ,please stop making action elements.You are horrible in making them.Mechanics is awful and they are either laughable or like in this one too hard.The game is raping me with bad elements ,the vision is limited and in the final scene crabs are jumping from far sides so i cant dispose them quickly enough. On top of that weapons are identical in their shooting power ,rate and efficiency.THIS IS LIKE PUTTING A PIECE OF FRIED FISH IN SIDE OF A CAKE AND CALLING IT AN EXCITING REFRESHMENT. What could have been a great game ,now is below mediocre.

Game environment is kinda dim. Occasional blood scenes have created a creepy atmosphere. After communicating with a pilot, I had a bad feeling that I might encounter some strange creatures. This feeling got stronger when I was collecting ammunition along the way. Most battles with the huge spiders were manageable although it could be a shocking experience in the first time. The last battle was hard and I had to fight them again.

Climbing up the ladder manually is a good addition to the game. It enriches one's experience. c: Working on the pressure valves seems stressful. However, once you get the sequence right, it's merely a test of memory and speed.

Visual and sound effects are brilliant!

First off, let me say to the people below, this area is for posting reviews, not walkthroughs. If someone wants to see a walkthrough, they look it up on google.

As for this game, I think it's such a pity - there are so many good things about it - storyline, atmosphere, puzzles, but the shooting scenes are scaled far too difficult. Looking at reviews for a few years ago I see some people saying those scenes are too easy, but I can only think that the game has been patched since then, or some update to flash has caused a change in behaviour. I'm not claiming to be the best gamer, but I have been playing games for the past 25 years, and I couldn't get past the final shooting sequence. It seems to be random where the creatures appear from, and you can simultaneously get attacked from opposite ends so there's no way you can defend against all of them. Also because of the flashlight you're not even going to see when that happens. You've effectively got to keep playing until you're lucky enough that that doesn't happen too many times, which would be fine, if it were fun. They are repetitive, and of poor quality.

The puzzles were slightly better than in the first game, and not continuing with the body temperature guage was welcome (although it was fun the one time), although if that was to put the shooting element in instead then that was a terrible mistake. I really don't get why someone would put 3rd rate shooting elements into point and click flash games - it is clearly not their strongpoint, but if you do include them then those elements of the games have to be compared to other shooters on newsgrounds for quality purposes - and I'm afraid this comes up way short.

If the shooting parts of this game were simply removed, I think this would be a comparably good point and click adventure game, but adding a substandard (and mostly unwelcome) element spoils the game.

The code for the door is 0824.

easier than the first but it has it's share of problems. too much shooting and not enough exploration.

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2008
6:09 AM EDT