Pico: Ace Attorney

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Thanks for front page =D
My pico day flash entry. I made good use of Tom Fulp's beard, hehe.

Anyway, Use the mouse and click on the arrow to proceed, and click on choices to answer questions. It's actually just phoenix wright made into pico.

Please vote fairly. =)

**** Thanks a lot guys! I am really really happy that many of you liked it! I love you guys! And for those who think the game sucks... well it's your opinion... i respect that. And thank you because it motivates me to do better. But anyway, thanks a lot guys! I <3 NG! ***

***oh yeah... i made a quick walkthrough which i DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO READ. it'll make the game less challenging. but if you demand:

http://burningice579.newg rounds.com/news/post/1161 18 <--without the spaces... i dunno how to put link, sorry ^^

or you could just go to my post for my walkthrough (which, again, i do not recommend)
***quick update*** tried to fix music loop. I hope it works
please tell me if there are bugs or stuff that needs fixing ^^

Thanks to all!

========= I cannot enter newgrounds n my dorm because they banned newgrounds-so i can't update stuff.... i have 2 say gdbye 2 newgrounds for awhile... anyway byebye.



No matter what I do, I can never kill GODDAMN PICONJO! Other than that, rock solid Ace Attorney flash. Plus, Pico's awesome.


i noticed whoever beats the game is actually saving your ass and i freaking love shooting the crap out of piconjo

Very nice!!!

This game is interesting,i like it! :D

Not bad.It's good to see another Ace Attorney game

A good start,but perhaps you could make more cases?And just like Phoenix Wright,add more music,you know how it differs from inside and outside the courtroom?And during testimonies?If you ever make another one when you come back,perhaps you could add these things in.If you can,also make better images for the characters.

Good job.

nice game

I got 4 penalty's make more please they're really good

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4.15 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2008
2:24 AM EDT
Adventure - Other