The Legend of Newgrounds

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Warning: This is a very CPU-intensive game!


Extra Notes:

Edit 3:
100+ Reviews! The first 100 are all answered! I may or may not continue answering reviews--we'll see.

Edit 2:
It's still on the front page after two days! This is great!

Edit 1:
Woohoo!!! Thanks for front page! That's the first I'm I've gotten front page with something I've made myself (i.e. besides my co-author in the Tutorial Collab '08). Also the first time I've had an awesome score immediately after judgement :D


Version Updates:

1.6 - Enemies are invincible for even less time, Pico bounces back even less, and Pause menu is now available when you continue after getting killed by a boss.

1.3 - Enemies are invincible for less time

1.2 - Bounce from getting hit is less, and gameover screen buttons appear immediately after the animation

1.0 - Game released


Pico Day Submission!

After many hours of work, we bring you The Legend of Newgrounds.

In the style of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The Legend of Newgrounds chronicles the adventure of Pico as he journeys to save King Tom from the clutches of an army of evil Flashes and their mysterious unknown leader.


S - Swing the Sword
A - Action (close a message/open a chest)
Arrows - Movement

Hope you like it! It took me FOREVER to finish it. Let me know if you find any bugs! Also, feel free to use this on your site!

Reported bugs will be fixed, and things you want updated (simple things like how long the enemies are invincible, not adding scrolling or a bow and arrow) might be added in a version update.

Thanks to Adman1993 for the graphics--they look great!

Be sure to vote, and be sure to review!


Secrets/Easter Eggs

You can get NG user levels by opening NG Chests, hidden in the field (they appear after you kill all the enemies on certain screens).

The Lock Legion can be found in the game (locked doors).

Strawberry Clock makes an appearance in this game--can you find him?



fucking kills me just by being in the same room. when the fight started, i lost health. i ran to the side of the room, opposite him. he used the sound wave thing, and even though i was 6 feet away, it hit me. getting close to attack also results in death. a good concept, but fucking A-bot is impossible

damn strawberry clock

damn...strawberry clock is hella hard..i cant beat him =(
its a good game nonetheless,but good is all to describe it

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I beat the hidden boss! I get... Turd of the Week?

This game was a great LoZ-like game, but I have a few minor gripes.
1) The bosses had a way to long cycle compared to their health. With A-bot, you don't notice it, but Me and Piconjo were extremely hard do to the fact it took me 5 minutes.
2) Wade damages you when you deal a successful attack. I had the maximum of 9 hearts at this time, and I found myself having to dodge all of his attacks, or pray for health.
3) There are two types of enemies, and the only difference is health. Considering how great the bosses attacks were, you shouldn't have a problem creating unique enemies.

Overall though, a great game.

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ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks for your thoughts. I will consider them when making games in the future :)

good game

i almost beat the second palace but me killed me that was fun

It was nice

A nice game, but I was pretty disappointed since it was just a fighting game ^^ I thought it would have more...puzzles in it

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3.55 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2008
10:16 PM EDT
Adventure - Other