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MBot vs. Kirk-Cocaine

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An old movie that I made for an alt that I made called MBot. Basically, MBot tricked people into thinking their accounts had been hacked by sending them fake review deletion notices. It created a shitload of drama for a few days, but the account got locked and eventually deleted.

About five months later, I felt like resubmitting the two movies that I made, so here's thesecond one.

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That was a good drawing at the begining and i thought there was a fight or something but. I dont really care. 5/5 9/10

I wish I had a PM...

Then I could talk about it here! Sounds clever. Teehee

LordZeebmork responds:

MBot was probably the most fun I have ever had on Newgrounds

You cannot stop MBot?

Apparently someone could, and that someone's name was Wade Fulp.

This is actually one of your "better" works, Zeeb. Not quite a weeklong effort in, ahem, "experimental" techniques and spoofs of every anime and movie ever made like another alt-submitted movie of yours that I can name, but it's certainly not bad. My biggest problem with this submission is not so much with the movie but about the very concept of MBot, but it's far too late to talk about that now.

You could have placed a "replay" button at the end of the movie, on that final frame with "MBote for the Win" and "You cannot stop MBot", but other than that, no complaints. Well, except that it's not some long, complex movie like some others I enjoy, with story and such, but that obviously wasn't the purpose of this movie.
3/5, 6/10.

LordZeebmork responds:

It was supposed to end in a shitty loop thing, but thgfdhf sgfhshfd MBot was great

i get so many messages from that asshole

its annoying i tell him to shut up but he wont. ok vid

LordZeebmork responds: