sodomy street #2

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Personally I'm with Bert.


Most offensive song I have ever heard

No one should ever watch this. This movie must have brought a tear to Skeletal Clock's KKK Grand Wizard's eye. RACIST!

smackhouse responds:

I agree it is an offensive song, I used it because of this very fact however just because I used this song it doesn't mean I agree with it's message in fact I completely disagree with it's message I used the song because it showed Ernie's character not because I agree with the message so before you label me a racist try and understand the flash.

Struck a Nerve

The quality is good, yes. The premise is interesting, too. But that song should not exist anywhere. This is obscenely racist, and though usually I'll rally on the side of anti-censorship, apparently there must be some sort of line, because this crossed it. It insults even ME. AND I'M WHITE FOR CHRISSAKES. Mostly, this is because the fact that that song exists is a testament to human stupidity and reminds me of the divisive nature of our society, something I want to clean up and put behind me--not bask in.

Now it comes down to this. You have a right, in public space, to broadcast any message you want to. But in this free society, I have just as much right to tell you to cut it out. If I'm not enough to stop this tasteless insult to humankind, then so be it. I'm just doing my part.

But gods almighty we are sick, sick creatures -_-

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smackhouse responds:

This is possibly the best written review made on any of my flashes which is why I'm astounded that you lacked the intelligence to discern between what's in my flash and what's my opinion. The song is obscenely racist, that's why I used it and as you so eloquently stated "the fact that that song exists is a testament to human stupidity and reminds me of the divisive nature of our society" for this very reason I wanted to use the song, the dysotopian enviroment of the piece is created to show the ugliness of human life and so the song was perfect to use. This does not mean that I agree in any way with it's message.

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Apr 29, 2008
8:05 PM EDT
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