sodomy street #2

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Personally I'm with Bert.

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:D Hehe

Bert is an evil fuck... even without the song.
Also, I didn't even realize what the song was saying until a few seconds in, so i was like "...Yeah, what's so special about a dead Bert liking Old music-.... OHHHHHH"
The I laughed. ( but not out loud, because that would be weird considering it is midnight and I need o do an essay. That reminds me...)

smackhouse responds:

Why did the baby cross the road?
Because he was stapled to the chicken!

By the way Ernie is the one playing the music, Bert is a tolerant, noble, rotting, peaceful, harmonious, dead, joyful, courageous, decomposing, liberal human being!


rascism is cool.

smackhouse responds:

oh whimsy!


thats funny....send those apes back to fucking africa!

smackhouse responds:

running through my minddddddd.

That was really good

America for whites
Africa for blacks
Ship those apes back to the trees
Send those n****rs back

lol! this song cracks me up.

smackhouse responds:

If you found that song funny you may enjoy the collected works of Adolf Hitler!
Racist cunt.


this is a raciest flash and I will not stand for such a maliceouse attempt to patrinize the black citizens of america.
you discust me...

smackhouse responds:

Jesus Christ that may be the worst written review I've ever read but I wont dwell on pedantics.

This flash isn't racist, the character of Ernie in the piece is a racist because he enjoys the song, I don't. I didn't write the song nor do I agree with it's message I used the song to enhance the dark twisted atmosphere of the character's enviroment and to highlight Ernie as an evil character. I have absolutely no racist views, hell I don't even live in America why would I want to keep "America for white"? It couldn't be more obvious that you completely misinterpreted my flash.

Lastly someone with a depleted intelligence such as you shouldn't involve themselves in debates as intellectual as racism.

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3.21 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2008
8:05 PM EDT
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