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I hate MAC ads

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Yeah, go figure, a parody of those mac ads. Yep, the ones with the two guys representing PCs and MACs talking computers in a white void. Just, this time... IT ISNT BIASED AGAINST MACS! :O Nope, this one is pretty much neutral. Pretty much. It disses Macs, it disses PC... all computers suck, when you get right down to it, really.

This only took about four days to animate and voice and whatnot. I wrote this parody like a year and a half ago, roughly. It was so long ago I don't remember exactly... but I figured, hey, I might as well animate this while it's still somewhat relevant, so I did.

And leave some feedback, boys and girls, I read them all and respond to the ones I can think of a decent response to... even months after I release these things.

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Way Better Than Get A Mac Ads


The PC and Mac part was boering even if it's true that a lot of people buys macs fore their designs than their performance you shoudn't have to say it that much
Fortunately the linux part was hilarious and it saved all the fun !

I'm gonna get you penguin!

Stop chasing me i'm a penguin!

I'm a:

giver. i give this 10 stars

lol linux

I'm a penguin.

best line ever.

okay, EVERYTHING the penguin says is the best line ever. xD