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Hydroelectric Documentary

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Thanks so much for the Daily 1st!!
Woo Thanks for the Front Page!!

===This is a Serious Documentary so if you want to learn something then watch it===
==Don't review/rate it bad because it isn't funny or isn't action packed==

First, of all I am extremely happy, I won an award for Environment Excellence. Not sure if it is best film about the environment or best film in the category even though I was entered in the Documentary category, but anyways Woot.

My school recieved a grant from the PG & E to help improve my school's computer labs and stuff, but the deal was that we needed to create movies about energy efficiency. So I decided to make my movie about Hydroelectricity. This originally was suppose to be live-action, but I was lazy and my multimedia teacher(Mr. Cutts) told me to animate it because of how much time I wasted doing nothing in class. So I created this about 2 months ago and my teacher recently sent this into a film festival and I won in Environment Excellence.

3 Gorges(The Dam used throughout the movie) and Hydroelectric Diagram were both traced. Although I will take credit for coloring and animating them.

Why Wind Farm Suck is an Audio in this documentary about me ranting about how useless Wind Farms are if you are stuck in a dome.(Joke don't take seriously)

This is a Pro Documentary showing all the Pros in Hydroelectricity not the Cons.

++Wow, thanks for all the reviews even though some reviewed bad. I would respond to all, but I decided I would be repeating myself. If you really want me to answer then PM me.(Answer a Question not respond to your review)++


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Very good

Educating and Good animated.

samsonloftin responds:



Very educational, Glad to see that you won the Environment Excellence catagory!

samsonloftin responds:



Hey man, I saw this at the TDR competition at the Crest Theater in Sacramento. My highschool was in the competition as well. I think you weren't there to accept your award though. I was totally surprised to see it there after seeing it here. Just letting you know, cause it's cool. Good job, by the way.

samsonloftin responds:

Thanks, and Yea I wasn't able to make it to the competition that day. So the following school day my teacher filled me in on what happened.


great qaulity. and its educational!

samsonloftin responds:

Thanks =)

Unexpected Entry

Forgive me if you've heard most of what i'm about to say. First off, your film could do with some improving in regard to the flow of the film. Your voice suddenly goes louder, you jump to scenes with no warning and at one point the music suddenly stops and then starts again, which is kind of arkward.

Still, I was impressed with what you did. Your presentation is decent and I feel this is something many people would learn from and I would say you deserved the Environment Excellence award purely on effort and being informative.

samsonloftin responds:

Thanks, although looking back at my other version(the one for the film festival) The scenes were named which I guess I completely forgot about because I added that part in a Movie editor.