Scorching Earth

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What could be better than 50 levels of setting things on fire? The object of the game is to burn enough land to win the level. You can spread your fire using 'burn' points. Collect enough burn points and you can wash away the opposing fire with rain, or start a fire far away with a meteor. Enjoy!

Oh also, check out letsmakeagame.com if you want to create your own levels for it.

edit: I agree with everyone that the first level is probably a bit too difficult. Thank you for the great feedback!
edit again: Frontpage WOOOOO!



This is very difficult, it took a lot of brain power even to past just the first level! Well done.

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very good

this requires quite alot of thinking for such a simple game, i have yet to beat the first level :P also the guy 2 spaces below this must really suck

Great Game!

Very entertaining to play I must say, great job all around =)

To the guy below me, nub! I cancel'd your score out! *silly face*

help and please reply

how do i make a game on makeagame.com thingy?


I finally played all 50 levels and beat the game. On a linear view of the levels I would say that they are not in the order of difficulty and perhaps rearanging the levels should be looked at.

I also found a bug. After you beat all 50 levels and you reload the flash the default level select button says Level Undefined and when you click on it, it takes you to a blank level with no tiles and no fire.

Also, I expected some kind of "WoW" factor for beating all the levels, but all you get is a "Congrats for Completing All Levels" message that can't even be read because of message truncation.

Perhaps add a "Pro Mode" that requires more burnt tiles to complete each level, for most of the levels I had 2+ more tiles than needed. Obviously some of the levels cannot be made harder because some of them require getting all available tiles to win.

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3.35 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2008
9:08 AM EDT
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