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Scorching Earth

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What could be better than 50 levels of setting things on fire? The object of the game is to burn enough land to win the level. You can spread your fire using 'burn' points. Collect enough burn points and you can wash away the opposing fire with rain, or start a fire far away with a meteor. Enjoy!

Oh also, check out letsmakeagame.com if you want to create your own levels for it.

edit: I agree with everyone that the first level is probably a bit too difficult. Thank you for the great feedback!
edit again: Frontpage WOOOOO!

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I am sorry to say that I did not particularly care for this game that much. It was actually kind of boring. I'm not really bothered to learn more about the gameplay. I guess it is pretty unique. The music isn't bad, either. I was just unsure of how to advance.

Some people like it at least. I couldn't tell whether the mountains were easier to burn. At least it told me the number of turns I had. It just wasn't that rewarding. I'm glad you yourself mention how the first level is too difficult.

Still great

I've played this twice now! Needed a good puzzler and it been long enough to rot my brain on the answers. As for people Saying it's too hard, I really only agree on the first level, which is a bad introduction to the game.

The game isn't impossible. Really you people need to try harder! Train your mind or you will watch jersey shore as high art, with no hope of ascension!!!!!!!


You made the game to challenging for me to even get past level one after trying nearly 25 times! What did you expect? Everyone would get this done on less than 10 trys for each level? Well, I got five strong words for you: BLAM THIS PEICE OF CRAP!

i completed level 30

if any1 is having trouble with the first 30 u can pm me the level walkthru u need il tell u :)


Got me thinking hard today. I really love the concept and the game play! really really interesting. You have good taste in making games my friend. Also to the guy 4 spaces below me, He probably couldn't think hard enough and he's jealous of all who can.

Anywho 10/10 and 5/5

RowlandRose responds:

It seems to be hit or miss with people. I'm glad you like it! It's definitely a thinking game.

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3.79 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2008
9:08 AM EDT