portal retard

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added preloader and a bit of sound
thanks for comments XD
and theres a pointless button on there to i just wanted to make one



Add sound and a pre-loader and it shall Epicly superly win on toast..(What?)

blinkers666 responds:

i would have added a preloader cos i do have some but do they really make tht much difference it nor different from a play button, you just have to wait longer... but i might be wrong.

Make it sexier! great idea!

Just make it sexier and its gonna be a great flash!

blinkers666 responds:

what you mean by sexier? ty anyways

Funny but...

Funny but animation is a little slow and jumpy

blinkers666 responds:

yeah its second time ive ever used 24 fps, usually i only use 12 cos its alot easier.

he he he he

that was cool. but i think there should be some music and a gun fire sound. if you can all so get some sounds for the protal gun that would make it even better. you got a good idea hear, i would like this to become a part of a longer movie. it was cool tho.

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blinkers666 responds:

thanks for the comment, originally i was gonna put it forward for that orange box collab but i didnt in the end...


It made me laugh, sure, except it went really slowly. Turn the FPS up to about 19-20, then it'll be half as long but it'll look sooooo much better.
And people blabbering about preloaders and sound, the more sound he adds in, the more he'll need a preloader, the longer it'll take to get to watch it.
If you go with epic sound, it'll take far too long to watch something far too small.

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blinkers666 responds:

it was 24 fps...

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2.39 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2008
5:23 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody