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UPDATE 1-28-2009
Though I know a lot of people were pretty stoked about this, I think it has a 95% chance of never coming to pass. As you can tell, it's in like a 12FPS, no play button, choppy animation, etc and I didn't really want to go back and fix it once I progressed in my knowledge of Flash and whatnot. Because of this, I have thus undergone a NEW project, equally as large scale, but much different as well. So this may at some point come back down off the shelf, but more then likely this will simply be a fictional trailer and nothing more. Thanks for watching, nonetheless :D Cheers

-This is the opening "credits" to an animation I'm starting in Flash CS3. This is my first flash movie, so it's taking me forever to do, seeing as I'm learning as I go. I am simply watching tutorial online and getting some ideas of how things work. Also, I've noticed that this is quite a large file-size for the length of the movie so far. Not exactly sure why, but hopefully I'll figure out a way to reduce the size w/out reducing the quality.

-Story: This is,as mentioned, the opening sequence to what will become a full soundtrack, multi-actor voice dialog film that I am imagining will be anywhere from 8-9min to as much as possibly 15-20, depending on many many factors. The basis of the story is this: The main character, Kate, is in a great relationship. Her and her boyfriend of many years never fight and seem to be in love. However, one day while stopping by his apartment unexpectedly, she finds him in bed with another woman. Now Kate has a very severe case of anxiety and claustrophobia and so with this newly added stress she decides to leave the city and spend a weekend or so at her family's cottage in the mountains. Wide open space, no people around, and she has a brand new kitten that she decides to bring along. Everything seems fine, until certain events start to unfold and slowly confine her to smaller and smaller areas. At first she cannot make it to the nearest town and eventually is confined to her home. This film will be an emotionally driven thriller that I hope will turn out great!

-ANY suggestions or Flash Tips whatsoever are greatly appreciated! I'm such a newbie at this, but so far I'm loving it. I hope you enjoy this short clip! :)

(Also) Proverbs 6:6 Entertainment is stated in the credits. This is a fictional company I've created for myself to be used as a sort of signature for this and any future animations/films I will do. In the bible that verse more or less says hey, don't be lazy. I've taken it as if you want something done, do it yourself if possible. Instead of pitching this idea to someone, I decided to take the initiative and learn Flash and create it myself. Hence the fictional production company name. Just FYI. :D



Your first? Are you sure? Because if it is... You are GREAT! Graphics are extremely detailed, and it feels almost as it is alive! I can't wait to see the final outcome. There's one thing you gotta work on though: In certain parts, it feels extremely laggy. Be a little more careful when you work on the position of the elements in the frames.



Wow this was great se you in top portal!

no... sorry

it seems overly dramatic... but the animation was great

Very nice animation.

I enjoyed this movie you made. The animations and drawings were very well done. The music you used also fit very well. The story seems quite interesting also. The setting is unique, though I feel what is to come is predictable.

Here is what you should change. First you NEED a preloader. Second, I feel that the drawing of the car should be changed or redone if possible. Doesn't really blend in well.

Good job, I expect more quality work from you.

u first flash movie?

ah...you must be a artist!It seems ur movie has a good story.keep working on that.cant waiting for it

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