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The Moth Boy

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Just experimenting in flash, thought maybe I'd see what can make it on this site.

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That's it. It's purty. Good animation. Better than most of the crap I do. Love your character designs.


This all flowed together perfectly. The music and the animation were absurdly brilliant. As they say in German: Hastinch Va Donh Vaerhusckhin!

Good stuff

This is some great animation, especially compared to a lot of other stuff I see out there on the portal. Your choice in music suited it well, also. I think it shows great style and imagination. I'm not an animator, so I don't know about wing animation. I didn't notice it was off, but it's good that you admit you're not there yet. That means you always strive for better. Keep it up. It would be nice to see you develop this.


really cool as a concept, although the wings arent particularly moth like, but w/e. the art is awesome, and it has great potential both as a serious, and funny toon, i would like to see him in some comedy, but thats just me, i cant wait to see what you do with this!


Yeah, this was part of an exercise from class. The wings flap that way because most people did birds and stuff. Moth flight is a little too advanced for me yet.

Thanks for the very generous 9! Check out my deviantART page if yah wanna see more of my stuff.

not bad

pretty sweet animation. lots of potential


I think so too! lol j/k, but thank you for being kind...was not expecting anyone to be.