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Tower Defense Beta1.01

rated 1.52 / 5 stars
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Apr 26, 2008 | 6:05 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Well theres not much to it, i decided to through it up here see what you guys think, if you see any glitchs or anything that needs drastic improvment other then the obious such as sound, menus, and lack of levels, but if you lke the concept the rest of the game will come:P



Rated 0 / 5 stars

thankfully only a beta...

sorry to say this, but this isnt that good.... at all
there isnt any ending animation for the death of the enemies, and the game got much to hard much to fast.
make the turret do damage even though its not on the excact center
make explosion animations for turret, turret fire, and enemy deaths
start with 2 enemies, then 4, 5, 8, 10 and so on.
make the walls only face vertically, they are more handy that way.
give the player 1 wall after each level (or something of the nature)


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

ehh couldve been better

it was a good idea, but the game wasnt to entertaining


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Tough idea to work with.

I'm not trying to ruin your day with such a low score, but you have a lot to work on in this flash before it can actually be made into something great - which is exactly why I'm taking the time to write up this review for you. The way I review is by going on a scale of every category I find important in a flash. Don't be discouraged by the scores, use them as motivation for improvement.

Graphics/Animation: 2
The game really falls short here because there wasn't much pretty scenery to look at as a viewer. You need to make the enemies better looking, and have them doing a little more than the simple movements they're doing. The landscape isn't bad, but it needs more detail to sharpen the overall look of the battlefield up for a higher score. Another important thing would be to make the walls have your own type of design so that they don't look like Tetris blocks. Try to make everything as unique as possible so that this can reach a higher overall score. Everything needs to be touched up in my own opinion when it comes to the look of the actual game. Even the ending screen (and yes I understand this is a Beta version) looks like total garbage. You could have put a little more effort into the message that tells us that it's the end of the Beta. Improve in all aspects, and you'll have a hell of a game.

Audio: 0
There was no Audio, which is pretty bad. Even for a Beta version you need to impress your audience with some sound. You really need to include sound for the gun, the enemies, and even some music in the background. I can't emphasize enough the importance of sound in a flash. There's nothing else to really say here except for you to include sound, whether it's a Beta version or the full game.

Originality: 2
I couldn't give you a full originality score because this wasn't a full game. You need to improve in a lot of areas, which I will have to actually see the improvement in before I can rate your originality level. As of right now there isn't much about this flash that is unique and I can grade you on other than the idea of setting up walls. Use it, improve on it.

Gameplay: 1
The actual gameplay is the area where this falls the most short. For a game to be successful, you have to look at what most audiences like to see. Tower games are EXTREMELY popular, and can nail you a high score with no problem. However, this game was missing a lot of important things. You cannot make it so that the crosshair dead on the enemy is the only way to kill enemies, and then have a 30 enemy rush on a small battlefield. It completely kills the idea of the game in the first place. The idea to set up walls is extremely useful, but you need to do something like have a way to change the direction of the wall itself. There's an incredible amount of things you can do with this flash to make it better. Be unique, and improve in every aspect and you'll do great things with it.

Overall: 2/10
This is a low score, but at the same time it's a chance for you to change up everything and make a good game out of what I've mentioned here. I'm not saying all that I've mentioned is what will get you a god-like flash, but it's what I've had experience of seeing. You have the potential to make a somewhat good game here, and I really feel you should use it. I really like the idea of setting up walls and I think you can do great things. Good luck.

boomoto responds:

thanks for the review:), right now i pretty much had to start over, because the game is now coded in as3, its a lot harder to stuff, but its a lot stronger, next beta maybe today or tommrow will look and function a lot better:) and sound if i can find somthign gd to go with it lol:P


Rated 4 / 5 stars

you can improv. good thing it is a beta!

i llok forward to this game, just try to make it a bit easier at the firsl level imo


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

As is rating....

You have an excellent idea. Just as the others said you need to slow the enemies down a bit, tweak the graphics, and I think persoanlly a HUD display showing enemy waves would be great.

Also I'm not sure if you were going to add upgrades or not, weapon stength type etc.

boomoto responds:

ok, ya i made it easy to add upgrades and such, i think its going to be based on point system, however you get to chosse the order of your upgrade