Mushroom Kingdom Ep8

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The Games Ended, Who get the Star?
This is one of the last episodes for this Chapter.

If it goes slow, put the quality to low.


This us greit ingrish

Bestest ingrish evaaaah! Ju shud get somon too fics jur speeling, ant te hyperpickselz ar krazi, sory i lieak pikselz buut, tihs oneh ys riely horibel. (Yes the typos are on purpose :P

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The Engrish, it's horrible. :P I'm also not so fond of the uber-pixelated sprites.

The plot is nice though. And the movie has very fitting music, really nice.


while interesting, i quickly became bored.

Ok flash

This interesting to watch, though. Sadly though the pace of it is feeling really slow and the action parts were also rather slow as well. You should work to pick it up a bit otherwise your audience is going to fall asleep half way thru the movie and probably won't be awake enough to see what happens at the end.

Theres still lack of sound in the texting making the dialog parts kinda of boring to sit thru and read. You should find ways to add more life to the characters then the usual Mario and Luigi sounds. Its very hard to get into the characters when they don't to have much life to them and honestly seem more like 16-bit characters then actually anything alive on screen.

Can't comment much on the 16-bit thing. Its pretty much 16-bit, colorful as always, though theres still lack of stuff in the world that makes it seem a little empty.

Ok flash. You have something interesting to watch, but I think you have the potential to do much better then this. Really work to get more life into the movie so its easier for people to get in to it and you might get something that probably wow people.

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A true double header.

All God's YEAH am belong 2 j00.

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3.21 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2008
5:33 PM EDT
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