Mushroom Kingdom Ep7

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Here is the Next episode
Some games for a Star, who will win?


this story reminds me of...

Mega man with d-soul
and legend of Zelda with the carnival it makes me think you didn't think of this by yourself
graphics aren't good either

nice flash and story but some stuff needs work

The story is very nice and all but the slow animation (I had it playing in low quality and it was still laggy) and the grammar mistakes make the flash hardly understandable. To improve your animating quality you just need practice, it happens to us all human beings, but you're gonna need a translator to give cohesion to the animation. The good things are that you have a nice plot and good ideas in your head. The shadows you draw on the sprites are kinda freaky, so stop drawing them, besides, the sprites you use are already shaded .

Not so good of a flash, but with some work you could polishit.

Interesting of a story.........

Not to bad of a flash really, wasn't somehow boring despite actually being rather lengthy and kinda of slow in progress. Hmmmm.....16-bit.....well suppose that would work, but despite that it was colorful to watch and not an eye sore.

You should see about adding more sound, though. There wasn't enough in it to really give much life to the flash. Like adding in sound to the text when the characters talk so as to liven up the characters more and be able to tell who is talking during them. It was hard sometimes to tell who was talking though since there wasn't much indication who was except just colored boxed text.

Interesting plot line. You should see about trying to add more 16-bit images into the flash it seemed a little empty quite a bit here and there.

Not bad of entry, try to work to get the characters more life, add more 16-bit images, and work to make the pacing a little bit more speedy so it moves along better. Nice work.

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Its good

yeah its good..but the transition is pretty slow....too slow atleast thats what i think.

but overall its cool

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Just a few bits of Eddie. Sorite!

Me loves the, Porgy.

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2.86 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2008
5:22 PM EDT
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