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You are a true Flash artist! Nice Job. Make lots and lots more or else consequences will be dire. Nice job. Very cool abstract and stuff. Amazing. Your my new God Substitute. That god guy was never any good anyway.

Very interesting

Even if I don't like the clock stuff... this was actually interesting. Very abstract and very short yet, as the name said it, was made due to ennui. Giving it an 7.5... round it out to 8. Keep at it... you should do a remake of this one.

before you blam this...

Look up "Ennui" in the dictionary.

Then Salvadore Dali on wikipedia

then surrealism everywhere else.

it may take you a while, but you will see that this was Very Good.

good job.

Why not?

It wasn't particularly flashy, it didn't have great effects and it all felt a bit rushed. But to be honest, I liked it.

In response to the last couple comments;
1. It wasn't retarded, that would be physically impossible due to a distinct lack of brain.
2. It didn't make any sense but why should it have to? It had all it needed, cool drawing style, crazy ghost-like sounds, and what I think is Gorden Brown being cut in half?

Not a good animation, but for it's length and the small amount of effort (that I assume) was put into it, a nice little piece of mind-nulling visual disorientation at the click of a button. Go go gadget weirdness.

Also, I liked the insert with your production company. Clock whatever-it-was.

smackhouse responds:

Thanks but Clock Crew isn't my production company

That was..

That was Bad! The movie didn't make sense and it really sucked. I liked the drawing you made though...

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2.71 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2008
7:33 PM EDT
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