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well actually I think thats one of my best flash works, I've added as much effects as my cpu allowed me...
Hope you like this


i likes it

nicely drawn, not saying anything bad about the artwork here but ya knowwhat they say , the better.....well... the better... i guess thats not really a saying but anyhoo...

good things to add that will make it better:
most fighters
puase FF and rewaind buttuns usable in the middle of it

and try to make it go slowers, not he movements, but drag out the whole fights, like instead of going from one blast instantly to another give it a little space
sutch as *blast* *awsome thing * *regular fighting* and repeate
this makes things more drawn out, but keeps the quality of the flash in-tact
also if you rush it too much and have a short movie then afterwards the viewers would be like " wtf just happened?" out brains need time to proccess the awsomeness
so my overall word is:
drag the fight out ^_^

everything else was pretty kewl

p.s. little tick of mine in watching these, if a character is fighitng many opponites and just blasts like a LOT of them away with a big boom or something, that isnt as fun to watch, better thing would to be like a bunch ot 1 v 1 matches one right after another ( first BIG fight scene in matrix 2 where neo fights a shit load of smiths )

Good, but audio crackles

Yes, it stick has been done, but this piece used alot of visual effects tricks that Flash has to offer. Although, minus points for not normalizing your audio.


i dont know why everones complaining about the crackling. It means energy..stuffies, no?

Very well Done

People, stop whining about the crackling. It's supposed to show off how powerful the fighters are, like in DBZ

fucking awesome

duuuuuuude, nice, nuff said

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4.18 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2008
9:53 AM EDT