Darkness of light ep1

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well... kinda... i put some effort into this, anyway it isnt completed but i want your opinion.. how is it?
btw i need voice actors if YOU want them, oh yeah i forgot the preloader, sorry



Tienes muy buen concepto y habilidad, solo emplealo bien ;)

MERGAN responds:

lol, esto es el pasado cuando no tenia el pad de dibujo


nice doe┬┤one tip that thing whit the magician and stuf you may want to slow down that a bit but hey just a tip

MERGAN responds:

slowing it down.. slowly.... *1fps*


Nice drawing, and some nice animation, but just like the guy below me said, keep the sound going, or it all gets lost, lol
I was into it til the sound stopped then it all became a blur.
music was nice too.
and that Mergan dude reminded me of Fieldy from the band Korn, lol

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MERGAN responds:

lol... actually theres three mergans... good/normal/bad (Magician)

Always have sound.

either have music running, or use SFX, or else it loses an entire dimension.

the full animation in the beginning looked good, just make sure to finalize all the other parts so it looks consistent and decent.


MERGAN responds:

i dont know how to fill the sound bwahhh!!

It was good...

and then it got really bad.


MERGAN responds:

yeh :'(

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2.56 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2008
12:27 AM EDT
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