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It's a breakout game, no sound, my second Flash attempt; again a little buggy. The point is the content, to me, right now. Since I'm still learning, I'm still figuring out code. It's supposed to be a funny, and stupid little game, and I hope you get a chuckle. As always, please be kind!



I let him die. And I wish I could in the real world too. Why did you waste your time making a game about this idiot? Your game and obama both suck.

Obama = Win

Good idea im happy obama won and I liked the idea of the flash its to bad you couldn't have put McCain face up there. Maybe you can make another protect obama game but for that one possibly a sniper game where you take out people who are going to try to kill him.

Actually FDR was a democrat

FDR wasn't a socialist/communist
The game was fine but sometimes the ball just passes by the target and hits the target above it, which I find to be a little weird

PresidentZen responds:

You say tomatoe, I say tomato.

The game is really crappy in itself. I joke more than I program. Thanks for the time to review, vote and play!

Game is so-so

But I rate 10 because I like Obama and I'm really glad he won...
I sure hope he doesn't get assasinated by some bastard.

PresidentZen responds:

Same here. I don't believe we have progressed as much as the election leads us to believe. I grew up in a small town, and I know there is ignorance raising ignorance, with only a handful breaking out of the conventional. Maybe the ratio's are different in other small towns, and I 've been big city pimpin' too long to see the change.

I hope I'm wrong. I welcome being wrong.

Thanks for the time to review and vote! It really is a crappy game and a bad joke.


didn't like the game.
don't like oboma.

thanks a freakin lot for what might be the worst thing to happen to the US since rosy O'Donnell...

just quit it..

PresidentZen responds:

Actually I'm a communist. And so was Kurt Vonnegut, FDR, and Jesus Christ. (Don't tell me the Sermon on The Mount was anything BUT pure Communist rhetoric. )

I can't imagine Obama can mess up any worse than Bush, but we'll see. And as far as I can tell I was anything but alone in my vote... But if you're handing out credit for him being elected, well... I'll take it!!!

High Five!!

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3.80 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2008
10:14 PM EDT
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