Night in Hotlanta

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Thanks for the front page Tom!

Happy Star Day 2008!

Here is the flash you've all been waiting for. "Night in Hotlanta" is an immense 13 minute long megaflash that includes Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Dailytoon #400. This flash has been 6 months in the making, 4 months since the release of Part 1.

It is undoubtedly the most effort the Star Syndicate has ever put into a flash animation. It is also most likely the LAST official Star Syndicate flash collab ever; after this, we will still be around but no longer as a crew. The style and graphics of each part varies based on the artist that animated it, but the story remains constant.

Please be patient while the flash loads, it is 13 MBs so it should take awhile. But trust me, it is worth the wait.

This is a DVD edition so there are some special features, including scene selection and voice actor commentary. During the movie, right click for playback controls.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this. Its an incredible relief to finally get it done. Enjoy!


Most awesome.

This is surprisingly good for a star syndicate collab. I especially like how you used different artists and art styles for the various scenes. I have not seen a good noir flash in a long time, and this is a perfect addition to the film noir collection here on newgrounds.

Good job to all of you who made this possible.

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daily toons still alive!

i really am surprised everyone is still keeping this shit together, that said, i totally deserve all the credit for this movie.

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TheStarSyndicate responds:

lmao dailytoons are dead this is the last 1. but yes you get the credit for this

very well done

I dont leave a lot of review cause it causes work but this was a fun one to watch, i was just waiting, listen, and waiting to see how you was going to make the next animation scheme about. Very good, and I swear that was pop irl at the ending xD

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TheStarSyndicate responds:

ahahahha damn you're right he does look like pops

I'll miss you

I'll miss you guys. It took a while, but I realize your genius.

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You guys rock...

...Even though you all think I'm a faggy swede :)

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Apr 23, 2008
5:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Original