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Night in Hotlanta

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Thanks for the front page Tom!

Happy Star Day 2008!

Here is the flash you've all been waiting for. "Night in Hotlanta" is an immense 13 minute long megaflash that includes Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Dailytoon #400. This flash has been 6 months in the making, 4 months since the release of Part 1.

It is undoubtedly the most effort the Star Syndicate has ever put into a flash animation. It is also most likely the LAST official Star Syndicate flash collab ever; after this, we will still be around but no longer as a crew. The style and graphics of each part varies based on the artist that animated it, but the story remains constant.

Please be patient while the flash loads, it is 13 MBs so it should take awhile. But trust me, it is worth the wait.

This is a DVD edition so there are some special features, including scene selection and voice actor commentary. During the movie, right click for playback controls.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this. Its an incredible relief to finally get it done. Enjoy!

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This might be the longest flash I've ever seen with the Adult rating. It's annoying having to see all this porn while watching this lengthy flash. Tom Green? He's used to gross stuff. How is a DVD feature that great? There are no more VHSs!

The animation right before Part 3 was the best. I liked the use of the Syndicate in this cartoon. Is Chrome's name a reference to Google Chrome? This really does have a good plot. The live-action bit was great too. It always pays to have variety.

Its OK!!!

the animation was not so good,,,, just 'OK' !!!
the audio was nice,,,
but ,,, the story takes a long time to understand,,,
can be done much better...

friend, the animation was bad

author friend, I think his idea was very good (although I have not seen much by not speak English fluently) but the animation guy, do not agree I was good friends with the "Ser5ver" and "Shinkai"for all or almost everything was bad!
but one has to put, keep practicing what you gonna get it


Not good, to put it lightly.

I'm curious how this uneventful flash with definitely some of the worst graphics in any serious flash on newgrounds has over a 2.00. The sex jokes are SO over done (she had the finest pair of dick-sucking lips...i mean come on...not to mention the thought bubbles with the sex), the voice acting is monotonous, low-quality, and just plain forced. In other words, i'm very aware i'm watching a flash. I see a noir parody here. Except, it isn't good. The idea behind a "film noir" does entail sexual parody, but as motivation, not because you looked at her lips and thought "WOW SHE CAN SUCK MY DICK ANY DAY, I BETTER DO THIS CASE SO SHE CAN SUCK MY DICK! I'M THINKING ABOUT HER ON MY DICK RIGHT NOW!" With this playing in the background as i wrote this review, i think the point of the film was something about a sex tape, and that the detective almost took a 'dildo in the ass'?
Looking at the collab members, you probably should have had less animators (since they were all terrible anyways) and more writers. Or, just, not upload this at all.

I'd also like to point out that i stumbled across this flash when i was watching a clock day noir parody where i saw you left a review saying they copied you. This has nothing to do with the flash, but i think it's funny that you think you're the first ones to think of a noir film.

it's ok

i loved the story but i hated the animation.
keep doing good stuff, but use better animation programs next time.

Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2008
5:04 PM EDT

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