The Hand Returns

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Author Comments

The Hand Returns


NOTE: The Hand Returns is number two, but they do not lead on so the first The Hand does not need to be seen to be able to understand this one.

If you do wish to watch the The Hand I it is posted on my website. Please feel free to have a look.


*Added sound effects
*Added music
*Minor graphical improvements



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Seemed kind of jumpy

Try animating at a higher frames per second rate. Id say about 25 to 30 ish. This might take a bit longer to animate but it will seem a lot smoother when watching it. Also take not of how fast they are moving in pixels per a frame. Because at some points it seemed that that they were moving really fast then in the next motion tween they were moving at a different speed.

FU5ION responds:

Cheers for the comment Mr V ;)

I'll do that dance thing another time :P

I'm not sure...

...but I think it has something to do with the 7-up dot commiting racial hate crimes.

And is it just me or is the "slow motion" part seem to go at the same pace as the rest of the flash?

FU5ION responds:

I don't have a clue what that is but COOL!!!


OK, animation but was there a story there? and the slow motion didn't exactly seem "slow".

FU5ION responds:

Nope, no story. The Hand III does have though! :-D

Yeah I see what you mean, well... the bullets were moving slower :-P


It' kind of just blob violence, good animation though. A better ending would help.

FU5ION responds:

Thanks for the comment.

"Blob Violence" - sounds good :P
And I can empathize with you about the ending.

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2.50 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2008
3:49 PM EDT