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Everybody Love Mario Kart

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Please watch past the first 30 seconds!

I've been enjoying Mario Kart Wii a lot recently, (that's right we actually got it before you America! :) ), what I particuarly enjoy is being bombarded with items seconds before the finish line having spent the whole race in first place and then finishing in 12th, it's great fun! I guess that was the inspiration for this. I hope you enjoy it.

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Everybody chill and having a good time until Luigi throws shells. XD

actually nobody likes luigi because he is gay

Haha, soo funny...

MARIO'S the one who was ruining the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and by the way whos your favourate character on mario kart wii, because mine is baby luigi and to get him you need 8 expert staff ghost on time trials. Oh and also my favourate course is GCN DK mountain and mushroom gorge and of course grumble volcano because of the GIANT glitch...

Poor luigi XD

Luigi got owned by mario with that shell, and now he knows why everybody hates him :P
mario had a point there, though.

mario is tryin to be a smart ass lol

if u lik mario kart wii my code is 1849-4976-0418 for more info go to my page (click soda561)

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4.27 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2008
6:30 AM EDT