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Wonderful RPG Tutorial

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I have been working on this for a while now. Here is a really good rpg tutorial that will definantly help you. You may need to have atleast a weeks worth of Flash knowledge for this. Enjoy

(if you like this please recommend for the flash tutorials collection ^_^ thanx )

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The walls doesn't work

I used your wall codes and they won't work, the left and bottom one does. But the right one he won't even go near and the top one, pulls him RIGHT through it and I can't get hhim back in, my stage is different then yours but it still should have worked.

i would rate you 1000000

this is an easy to understand awsome tutorial that i luv.best tutorial ever


Awsome just what I needed. Allthough for some reason the change keyframe and boundries dont work for me. Can somebody help me with that?


how will you animate the walk of your character if you both push left and up, or any button that makes your hero walk diagonally? coz when i do that, my character is like flying


My favorite tutorial!! nic work