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IF Round3:Spoiler Vs Jeff

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Well, my first NewGrounds Submission and my second ever flash movie so i hope not to dissapoint people who wanna watch it!

This is a flash movie of round 3 of the Infractus Fatality tournament being held over at Deviantart by K-lynnette. Theres plenty of laughs, thrills spills and such to keep ya interested however people on NG may not know who is who, so your best bet is to head over to http://zeurel.deviantart.
com/journal/17280632/ to catch up on everything if your interested!

Well thats all from me, enjoy the flash!



Dude i read all the little comic thingys now to watch the videos :) so far so good


your animation is something that those big budget companies can hardly do, nice.

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Great double series

great series with shierke and spoiler
you but could you make it more clear that the series has manga and animated parts.
Besides that great series

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astounding, like all your work.

Ill be honest that girl leo made the promise too, beautiful, and creepy. i wanted to hold her and at the same time run. you are a genius with this series have fun with it and keep the stuff coming.

Out of the loop

I am definitely missing something here. This is round 3. But I have no idea what goes on in round 1 and 2. Then there is this other EFN series. So many characters and lots of plotlines. I go to the DevianArt gallery and only see bits and pieces, kind of expecting me to already know the background.

In spite of all this confusion, this is great.

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