Kingdom Of Gold

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you know this is very creative and great im not giving it a ten because the controls were screwy and it sounded like your legs broke in half every time you jumped. the music was wonderful and the back rounds were very colorful i hope to see your next game new and inproved

Yah no.

It could be a lot of fun. I would have loved a good Prince of Persia clone, and the guy below is wrong to hold you to the same standard as a big budget major name game like PoP. This is clearly an attempt at a clone, and a nice one.
Although this has good controls, graphics, and sound, there are some gameplay problems. It's possible to get completely trapped, without the ability to even kill yourself, for example, behind the hand gate. More importantly, the original PoP had checkpoints. This has NONE, at least not within a level. Which is incredibly frustrating. Checkpoints are totally necessary for a game of this style. Dying when you've completed half the puzzle and having to restart is no good. This game is fast-paced, and having checkpoints would really add to that.

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Old concept

I don't mind it being an old concept if it brings something new or improves the game play this one dose neither of those. It is not bad game, but its controls lack precision and as some one mentioned no story just doesn't cut it. Good graphics and descent sound. For any future games remember that you have to make us want to jump (story = motivation)

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the controls don't really work

the graphics seem nice and so is the sound but like i said the controls are bad

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Not bad...

Pretty fun, but the controls are a little weird.
Keep up the good work.

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3.03 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2008
8:51 PM EDT
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