The Hardware Store

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This was a project for my flash course that I came up with. Yes I know it's cut short (the song has an awesome next verse), but it had to be done pretty fast and I wanted it to be a full animation so here you go. I know this could look a hell of a lot better but I was short on time. I'll make sure to make something more impressive next time ;)

Hope you all enjoy!

"Hardware Store" by the awesome Weird Al Yankovic


Thanks very much for the great reviews guys! I'm surprised my first flash submission managed to get an award ;w; and it reached 3.95 at one point too! Awesomeness! Thanks again. I'll make sure to come up with something again as soon as I can. Peace out.


love wierd al!

great! thats my dad, and every guy i know, HA! great anime, you should make a funny toon. i mean with dialouge and music

The Hardware Store: 8/10

That was pretty good. The problem is that there are way too many Weird Al music videos out there, and this is just another one in the endless ocean of them. I would have rather seen a more original song selection, but it's all good. Why did the guy have elf ears? And why was he so excited to go to the hardware store? I think I've figured it out... anyone sitting at a desk with 'boredom' written on it would be so desperate to do anything else that the thought of going to a hardware store would send shivers down there spine. I noticed the guy had a nametag with Chris on it, which is funny because once I went in a store where literally everyone working there at the time was named Chris. My favorite part was the end where he plays guitar on his way into the store. :)

the vid is new the song is old

they have this as the hardware store for world of war craft and its longer but the vids pretty funny


that was a good vid i like it lol u did a good jod man lol


Awwww I was waiting for that next awesome verse. Ah well, awesome animation, though the hammer is a bit off sync. Good job!

Link3Kokiri responds:

haha, not quite

There are actually two hammers in the song. One that just makes a small "Ting!" (that's the one I animated) and another that goes "Bang bang bang" which i did leave out :[

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4.11 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2008
3:50 PM EDT
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