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I've worked on abstracta a couple of weeks now, and I'm proud to present it on NG!

Abstracta is an attempt at translating classic game mechanics that I love into a unique and fluent new game experience. It starts simple: collect crystals, make combos, avoid the deadly mines, fight the four evil bosses - but it gets increasingly complex over time, as more powerups are unlocked.

Controls: Mouse to move. SPACEBAR to toggle menu.

Note: I found abstracta very immersive during development, to the point where I didn't get any work done because every time I tested a new feature I ended up playing 15 minutes, completely forgetting what I should be testing. Well, might be just me, but don't say I didn't warn you, it might be addictive ;)


Great Job!

Awesome job. My only problem is that where is the music for this game?! I'd like to listen to it again. Also, this game IS very addictive. For that, I give you 5/5. My computer is pretty slow, so it lagged every now and then, but I cannot say for usre if it was the game or my computer, so I gave you 9/10 here.

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Frederik77 responds:

Thanks! The music is mainly from www.flashkit.com, see the links in the in-game credits. Once on flashkit you can find the loops by searching by track name or artist name.

Awesome and certainly addictive!

It's simple, sweet and playable. and I think it deserves a better rating than it's got at the moment. Here's hoping ^^

the only tiny thing I'd mention is that the music seemed to jitter a little bit where you might've edited it to last longer? Other than that (and it really is a very small thing) It's great! Suitable trancy music, a good difficulty and the collision detection seems spot on! Well done. 8]

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Very cool.

The whole concept behind this thing was pretty neat, as were the graphics and gameplay. The music was nice and relaxing, so good choice there! My only gripe is the longness of this game, especially during the boss fight. If you could maybe cut that down to 75% of what it is now, that would be great. Nice game, though!

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4 out of 5

Wow, a game where you collect points and avoid spikes. I haven't seen that a million times.

Thankfully this potential boredom is saved by a blue ball that controls very strange like, the clever "speed up" powerup, and interesting boss fights.

But no, I didn't get addicted.

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I can see that it was taking strong inspiration from Bubbles 2 game.
Thus I can't say it's very original.
Never the less,game is good,bosses made it a bit different.
But in general,isn't it a bit too easy?Since this "spirit" or whatever it is,were guiding, is same size all the time,there's no problem with evading mines.
Even more that all power ups(ones I saw so far) are working rather for benefit of player.
I also would suggest switching controls,from mouse,to cursor keys.Unless you want us to have unprecise movement - as difficulty;]

I guess I found a bug too,not sure though.
Later in game,after picking 3 power ups in row: Multi spawn + Lightning + Lightning. Game half-freeze. Everything was moving,but at snails speed (Im pretty sure it was NOT slow down powup) Bubble itself started to grow to some level,couple of whiles later,everything returned to normal.It all looked like lag or something.

Well,that's all I have to say,I think...
Again,nice game ;)

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Frederik77 responds:

Thanks for the review,

I honestly never heard of Bubbles 2, but I found it here on NG now, and I can see what you mean! Pretty cool game, it's funkier though.

The blob isn't the same size all the time - it grows slightly when it gets crystals, and shrinks slightly when it gets none - play around with it more to see how :)

The bug is probably lag - that happens with the lightning powerup on some systems, but it goes away when lightning has faded away.

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4.43 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2008
6:18 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight
  • Daily 5th Place April 23, 2008