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Use the arrow keys to move blocks and drop them quickly with the space bar. Press up to rotate. Connect full lines across to clear them. Break lines to collect items! Items are the key to winning!

Don't let your screen fill up, or it's game over. Stay alive the longest to win.

Send powerups or attack items to other people. Press the number keys (1-7) to use items on your opponents. Press 1 to use blue powerups on yourself. Press (2-7) to use orange attack items on other people.

Sign up for an account within the game to enable stat recording, leaderboards, and finding friends or recent opponents online.


Just found out this is uploaded to NG. Me and my friends have SO much fun whenever we play this over Skype.

@The people unfamiliar to this game.
It seriously gets SO FUN when you understand the mechanics of the game and how items work. It's more than a tetris game, once you learn how to combo, gain and utilize items against your opponents, it gets super competitive and fun. Me and my friends scream in rage over this game, it's hilarious for like 4 of us to gang up on a single guy.

But I do agree with some comments, there are people that have hacked this game and that's really annoying. I can only have fun playing this with friends now. But for people saying the gameplay sucks and it's a tetris rip-off, you're playing the game all wrong.

Also @ the comment that said:
"I really hate all these stupid online games where you can't do crap unless you pay."
You don't have to pay anything to play the game. I dunno what you're talking about.

Its too hard

Why everyone hatin' on thid game.
This is fun.
See? Look at me playing it.

Its Tetris

'Nuff Said

Alright so here's some shit.

this game? easily hacked. i've been playing for 2 days. & today i was playing against someone 2 individual times, they sent me garbage blocks. & i dont just mean 3 or 4 this asshole actually made me lose with the amount of garbage blocks i was sent. this is 100% bullshit. im not playing anymore fuck you & this game.

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4.01 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2008
6:24 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling