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Aim and shoot the colored bubbles at the matching bubbles above. Match 3 or more to pop them. Popping bubbles will send bubbles onto your opponents screen.

Don't let your screen fill up, or it's game over. Stay alive the longest to win.

Use the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to shoot. Or use the left and right arrow keys to aim, and the spacebar to shoot.

Pop bubbles with powerup items on them to add powerups to your item queue. Press the number keys (1-7) to use items on your opponents.

Sign up for an account within the game to enable stat recording, leaderboards, and finding friends or recent opponents online.


Awesome graphics

Dinglepop is fun, and it has such cute graphics. I love that all of OMGPOP's games have the same-looking design. You should sign up with this link (http://www.omgpop.com/?r=53ee), since it's free and will only take a minute. Then you will be able to save the XP that you earn while playing!

Why is this so addictive??

Normally, I don't like these types of games (snood, I think?), but for some reason, this one takes the cake. I've wasted 10+ hours this week on this flash alone...

Well, there goes finals week.

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You took an old concept and made it fresh

great work with the online compatibilities and putting a competitive twist what with power ups n such. makes more a good time of fun.


nice game dude the online factor is nice and the not having to sign up for anything is cool to for a quick play nice twist on a general game....

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can't load

again, like all the other games, it wont load. Please fix this problem.
and i dont no how to clear your cache if thats the solution
8/10 for having cute pictures

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3.97 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2008
5:17 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other