Super Mario Bloopers OMFG

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... well, as you can see, I've managed to convert my recent project ( SMB bloopers ) into a SWF file. So this flash doesn't have a good sound quality and its animation is choppy. Plus it doesn't have any preloader. So I won't be surprised if it is blamed. After all, I'm a musician... not a flash movie maker, lol... So the only thing I would ask is some help in order to improve this piece. Thanks for reading... Let me say that even if this piece is blammed, you can still watch it on my NG profile !



Fuckin good job my brother! 10/10 5/5

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Man as if there wasn't enough of these things...

I gave you a 2 because the scene where Mario ran out of star power made me...Well I wouldn't say laugh, but scoff. Please try something original there are SO MANY of these damn "there's blood and cursing it will be cool" flashes we really don't need another.

Gorekiller responds:

... hmmm, so you don't like that kind of flash... I understand... I think I shouldn't have more so much blood in this piece... I know it can be unoriginal... but I like this kind of flashs cuz my state of mind is... twisted. Thanks for the review !


this is a whack

Gorekiller responds:

Stoopid ? It was meant to be like that !


Firstly though it was a bit funny the first time thru, but then afterwards it just grew very irritating. You should slow down the pace at which this kinda of flash humor is going, because of how fast it was going its hard for people to really enjoy each scene if you have each scene do a jump in jump out sort of the humor. Got to give people time to get into each scene so they get a good laugh out of it. And unfortunately the ones that did give time just didn't seem to funny really, like the one where he went to hunt down that mystery guy for the star. That one seemed like it was just getting dragged on just for sake making the flash last a little longer.

You really should lay off the other movie voice actings and try to use your own voice acting and have some friends help yea with them. It definitely helps out with the humor if you don't use other movie actors like you were doing thru most of the flash movie. The pace of the flash didn't help build the humor at all either, all it did was slowly degrade it into complete annoyance and wanting to make someone shoot themselves in the head to end the pain instead of actually laughing in increase volumes.

The sound for the flash was a rather poor choose and really just didn't add anything to the humor at all. Just constantly added to the pain and make the ears bleed a bit. Try not to use 16-bit type sound noises; try seeing about getting some more up to date types of sounds. The ending also course was indeed be all and end all of this pain train. Seriously, don't use that kinda of it scene it just detracts from Mario parody that you got going on here.

You got the right idea going on here with this type of humor, I can tell yea that. Unfortunately, You just need more practice in handling this kinda of humor without being annoying with it is all.

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It was okay...but the ending kinda sucked....and the clips were to fast.

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Apr 21, 2008
4:45 PM EDT
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