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Doodle Defender

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Draw your own ship, then play the game with it!
Add cannons, draw it in color, and customize your ship however you want it!

Fun Fact: 9 out of 10 testers drew dirty objects to be their ships!

Move: Arrow Keys
Fire: Spacebar or F
Cheat (Add Money): Y

Have Fun!


I love this game

Very entertaining! i love games that allow you to draw things. A few things though, paint bucket needed, more cannons would be awesome(no other reason), and the money cheat was a great add in, but to make it more challenging, hide it, be sneaky.

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SaucedMike responds:

I wanted people to be able to get the extra stuff without struggling too hard. If I hadn't, it wouldn't be fun for a lot of people.

this was amazingy fun!

very good, i loved the personalized ship, many games out there just give you a crappy or should i say undesireable model, but with yours it was great! the only thing i can think of is to develop a way to draw straight lines, which is really insignificant (unless its already there andcompletely blew over my mind!

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Well then

even before I read that review

SaucedMike responds:

haha, most people do make penises

I Agree

Wow, This Game rules aint no doubt about it.

SaucedMike responds:

Thank you!

LOL great

my ship was a word saying ''OWNED''.


SaucedMike responds:

My favorite was just to write lol!

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