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Black bar colab

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This is an art forum colab called the black bar colab origenaly started by RancidM for all the artist who couldn't get into the red line colab the project was dismissed and never finished i decided to go back and finish it and put it together.

*note* there is a play bar at the bottom so u can ajust sound pause and other things itll fade in when u bring ur mouse down

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This one I had already seen a long time ago, and the truth I never commented on this until arriving this year.

Well, I liked this art collab forum, and especially how you made the transition from it using and playing with the zoom and especially by the artists who have made different shapes of a drawing above or below the black bar, the music as if it synchro well on this one, so it's well done!!!


awesome. I didn't know you could pause it til after I watched it. I was even thinking bout what a good idea it'd be to be able to stop it so to be able to look. Guess I'll watch it again!


i liked all of da pictures <333333

aba1 responds:

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thats good :)

omg lol

i remember drawing that! wow that thread has been dead for like a year. i liked the music, but the quality turned out poopy after setting it to stream

aba1 responds:

ya i agree i should prolly look into uping the quality and ya this thread was dead 4 a whiles i kinda just decided randomly to bring it ba ck seemed like a nice easy side project


I'm not exactly sure what I think about this video. Some of the artwork was really interesting, seeing what each artist derived from the idea of a single solid line. The music wasn't especially of my taste, but I'm sure there are several viewers who will enjoy it.

aba1 responds:

ya im not really into the music either but it had a strong beat to go to thats why i chose it