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Edit - Thanks A LOT for the Frontpage and daily feature. I really appreciate it!

A parody of Indiana Jones where a single stickfigure battles his way through a tunnel in order to find the treasure. Will he succeed? Well you'll have to watch the animation. lol

I made this entry for a competition at stickpage.com where it got first prize! This took around four weeks to complete and I think it turned out pretty good. It's over a minute so it didn't turn out very short and I hope everyone on Newgrounds likes it.



Awful physics a and dull music make for a bad rate

Animation: Incredibly fast paced and well graphiced but the physics were rediculous. There were times when blood or people or just the character himself went left they should have gone right. 7/10

Music: The music is obviously the Indiana Jones theme song. However it seemed shakey and poorly recorded. This music sounds as though it was played using a broken chello.5/10

Plot: Of course there was the usual Indiana Jones, retrieve the treasure adventure. But you can tell you didn't really make this for the plot you just wanted to make a cool looking video.5/10

Minus point-The monster was very poorly drawn.

Miccool responds:

The physics look pretty fine to me. I don't really see any incidences where they go the wrong direction. =\

And the monster was how I intended to draw it...


Loved it... Only problem is I dont really care for IJ... But your flash skills are fenominal... Because I dont like the series and it was a lil short, you get a 9/10. I am usually a picky scorer but your flash skills are awesome, I would definately like to see more from you. Good job

Miccool responds:

Thanks, I'll be making more anims soon


I GIVE YOU 100/10! WOOT!!! U OWN FLASH! I LOVED IT! The only thing you could change to make it better was slower animation.

Miccool responds:

Thanks for the suggestion.. I'll keep that in mind.

you captured inde real good but

weres his hat?

hehe blood.........

wow........ that......... was.................... awful!!! jk jk jk jk lmfao! that short was fucking amazing damn it!!!!! w00t!!!!! lmao..... any ways um this might be a stupid question but uhh...... i forgot how to blam, any one care to teach me again?

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4.30 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2008
5:27 PM EDT