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the songs author is at the end, also, the finished product of each scene has no lines! i do use lines as a ''skeleton'' for the objects though
all handraw and animated ect by me :D
if you go to scene 2 at the end and zoom in on the rooms, there is a diferent picture for each one

END bug fixed


the idea's great

i know its hard to draw great in flash, but the scene 2 are not showed how u drawed it, well, great job, it took alot of time to draw a flash, i know, cause we are newbies, lol

Very Cute

It Was A Different Idea, I Liked The Music, You Could Probably Make It Into Something Really Awesome :o

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Dooomster responds:

thanks, i apreciate the support

an amateur's experimentation

I appreciate that the author is searching for new techniques in Flash. That's great! However, this movie taken on its own is not so great. That's ok, but I don't know if this has a place on NewGrounds.

I noticed a bug in the first scene when I returned by the link at the end. The car's lines were back!

I didn't like that the second scene was over so fast. The first scene was kinda interesting as it lasted several seconds while you watched it being drawn, but the second scene which has so much more detail is done in fraction of the time, before the whole image had a chance to register. Perhaps you could have waited for the user to click before moving on.

I noticed that for the two links at the end, only the pixels forming the letters were clickable. You're not the only one who's done this, but it's an annoying practice. At least the font wasn't narrow in this case. Like the links in web browsers, links in flash should work for a rectangular zone enclosing the text.

Try telling a story in your next flash.

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Dooomster responds:

i apreciate your review, i shall work on this :), i didnt really like it short but i got into the drawing.. its comlicated
anyway, i have the door done right now, and the buttons you mentioned
when i have fully fixed this to your review, i will post it then, and change the title to V.2

I love scene drawers!

All I can say is that if you made the lines a little smoother in animation I believe that it would be alot better. I still love these though.

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Dooomster responds:

:) if you say so!

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Apr 20, 2008
11:28 AM EDT
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