First Strike Four

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In this featured video...

+ Motion Tweens on object with path (partially)
+ MP3 fading and sound level adjustment (still gotta master that bit)
+ Added more SFX (My suppliers are still low)
+ Attempted to make more better, betterish animation (I think its getting a bit better)
+ Longer than the other videos.
+ Consistent storyline, well sort of.

Alright, please rate if you liked this video or not. I hope you found it interesting to some level. The preloader should work correctly this time and I learned a lot more about alphas and color transformation for special effects. I think this one is a bit better than number three, so Im happy with it.

Thanks for your time. (hope the audio credits worked out)


its ok

ye its okay, but the voices where quite the same, and the lady didnt have a voice

LichCoil responds:

ah yes what you speak of is true


i found it, whats the word .... unique. you really need a female voice and maybe even a scene without the word fuck. You could poissbley cut down on the cussing aswell since it is only once or twice not every scene

LichCoil responds:

haha i like the word 'unique'. I will try to make more content that follow that same word. The female voice part has been spoken of a few times, so it looks like deffinite point to do somethin on.

Oh and the profanity, yes probably true, but sorry its just gonna get worse and worse, but maybe I can do something that might work.


Humor was lame, Voices were all the same, Voice was differed to subtitles, the storyline was...sad and the Armor suit guys were constantly moving.
2 For Effort, Sorry


this was... painful. i couldn't even watch the whole thing. the animation was bad and the writing was just terrible. besides just not making a lick of sense overall, i couldn't tell at first if it was trying to be funny or serious. it seems in lieu of actual jokes, you just throw in a lot of unnecessary cussing. though there was the 'hardon' comment, which i'm pretty sure you ganked from tankmen. cursing can be funny if done right (see metal gear awesome...) but it just wasn't here. work on the writing next time, seriously. god-awful.

LichCoil responds:

Yes funny and serious was part of idea when I did it. But yes, you got a point. I'll consider it in the future. Oh and jokes, yes probably I should do some proper jokes. The focus on this 'project' was for a rough idea of a storyline and somehow making each scene somewhat related to the next. Jokes I really didnt focus on, but in the next one Ill see if I can think of a few clever things. I admit I didnt bother trying anything with the intentions to make anyone laugh.

Great Ninja Humour!

I almost fell out of my chair... I thought it was serious at first, but it became stupid quickly. Great use of cussing.

LichCoil responds:

im glad the execution of the intro that transitioned to the main story worked through you off. That was what I planned when I started it. But yeah, thanks again for the tips from the message you sent me. Im trying to use some of those tricks in my newest creation, which im taking much more time into it.

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2.77 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2008
1:33 AM EDT
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